Smooth Analyst is an independent, American journal that focuses on domestic security, economic security, foreign affairs, and information warfare.

How We Began

Smooth Analyst was started by Antonios J. Bokas, a native of Gaithersburg, Maryland, in an effort to supply professionals and the public with well-reasoned perspectives about American issues.

US Capitol, seat of the Senate and House of Representatives

He first discovered his passion for writing in high school during English and journalism classes. After that, regardless of his hobbies or occupations, he maintained an interest in creative and informative research and writing.

Mr. Bokas joined the military to become an all-source intelligence analyst and graduated from the US Army Intelligence Center of Excellence. After leaving the military, he earned an Associate’s degree in Intelligence Operations Studies from Cochise College. He later graduated summa cum laude from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Intelligence and Information Operations.

In order to continue to serve the public, Mr. Bokas started an analytic internet journal to share his innovative and deep understanding of American national security issues. Smooth Analyst provides unique and thorough research about some of the most important topics in today’s world.

Smooth Analyst publishes content six times a year in order to positively influence public awareness.

To view more scholarly work by Mr. Bokas, visit his ORCID profile.